July 28, 2003

so, besides feeling like i've been hit by a truck and the fact that my elbow is swollen to the size of a small baseball, the beginning of my final session here at keystone is going swell. i've been sick the past coupla days, and it's killing me. i went to bed way early last night, had to miss some evening activities, and i'm high on benedryll as of right now. and i got stung by a wasp in pisgah forest this past weekend, and i'm having some sort of reaction, so that's fun too.

my new kids seem cool. one of them loves jump, little children! (yay!) and her family is moving to charleston, so i told her i'd meet her for shows there. is it strange that i want to hang out with my 14-year-old camper? she's really cool, so i think not.

my ex co-counselor (jordan) went home on friday, which was sad. today i got a package from her with brownies and a copy of the live cd that we had been listening to. hearing it reminds me of her! i still haven't found out about my time off yet, but i should get a schedule tonight. i'll keep ya posted. later for now.
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