July 05, 2003

i'm home. it's been a while, and it's rather nice to be here. i couldn't convince anyone to meet me at courtyard, but i went anyway. to my dismay, the coffeeshop was closed. new brookland was open and clayton ravine (justin eason's band) was playing a cd release show. but before i had a chance to go in, i saw some cool kids outside, so i chilled with them for a while. every now and then i chatted to an erskine kid walking out of the show. i never did go in, though. good thing, too, i would've had to pay $6. it was a nice night, besides the rain.

i'm meeting steph for breakfast tomorrow. maybe the mall after that, then i'll be on my way back to camp. it's strange to think that i have to go back now. i never came home from camp last summer, so this is a bit surreal. nice, but surreal.

camp's been good so far. but different from last year. in both good and not-so-good ways. while i'm having fun at keystone, i know that i'm not coming back next year. i don't have the legacy connection that some of the staff has to keystone, so i won't feel bad not coming back. i don't want to work with these kids next year, to be honest. i want to live at home and do something in the area. something where i actually make more money than i spend.

i stay busy at camp, but i also think a lot, which can be a bad thing. i don't know. i've been thinking about going back to school and how different this year's going to be. thank god i'm going to spain next spring. i have some new ideas i want to put into action this year, but i won't reveal them quite yet. but i'm excited. and you should be too.

well, that's enough of that. i'm going to bed.
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