June 03, 2003

hey all. greetings from keystone camp! i arrived here yesterday around 4ish. this week is staff orientation (a.k.a. counselor's camp). the international staff's cool, and it's nice reuniting with people and getting to know the new ones. i think this summer will be a good one.

i had a really hard time leaving home this time. i got really emotional on sunday. it was weird, i couldn't control it. but i'm pretty sure i was just pmsing. because i'm much better now.

by the way, if you get the hankering to email me, i'm bmiller@erskine.edu or peregrinobetty@yahoo.com (i prefer the yahoo account). and my mail is:

bethy miller
keystone camp
p.o. box 829
brevard, nc 28712

send mail and i'll send back. promise. mail's the best at camp. ok, later folks.
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