May 29, 2003

well, well, well...look who's been slacking off on the blog. oh, wait. that's me. sorry bout that. since last thursday, i've been at keystone for a few days, reuniting with friends and helping with a mother/daughter weekend, gone to westminster to hang out, seen an excellent jump show in chucktown, shopped a tidge, and been back to westminster to go to church with the guys and deidre. i just got back from there less than an hour ago.

i'm so sick of being in a car. and my cd player still doesn't work, so i've been listening to the radio mingled with bouts of silence. oh oh oh...the new chili pepper's song, it's a slow one, and it's so wonderful. oh so evocative. think i may buy that cd soon.

i got a great book to read while i'm at camp. each chapter is by a different christian author and discusses how some classic writer (shakespeare, dickens, tolkien, etc.) have influenced them. i'm excited about reading it. and, of course, i'll be continuing les miserables.

time to veg. yeah.
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