May 01, 2003

things that made me happy wednesday:

- skirt weather
- biscuits and gravy for breakfast
- compliments
- entertaining spanish 222 class
- coffee and chocolate chip cookies baked by the french professor
- my break between spanish and fiction writing workshop and listening to built to spill in watkins during that break
- talking about going to spain next spring
- finding out i'm actually getting an award this year
- learning new songs on the guitar
- steph killing an annoying flying bug in her book
- color-coded notecards for my spanish research
- passing the last constellation quiz
- talking to amy "two streets" liss about camp...counting down the days till i get to see the girls again!
- clean laundry
- date to see the lizzie mcguire movie with the afore-mentioned bug killer extraordinaire
- music (rosebud, hey mercedes, coldplay)
- not turning on the tv once so i could get some real work done

bug-killing tally: 5 (4 small ones and 1 big, juicy one)
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