May 21, 2003

so...i feel fat. let me be completely superficial and ridiculous at this point. it's my blog anyhow. for some reason, once i got home, my appetite showed up again. i guess i was stressed and so i didn't feel like eating much. but now, i'll eat anything and everything in sight. i'm sure it's also because food's so acessible (sp?). the couch is a mere step from the kitchen. how great is that? not great. not great at all. because it means i eat and eat and eat until i'm not hungry anymore. then i still eat for no reason. i think i just like the taste of food. especially popcorn. i'm a popcorn fanatic. i've eaten so much over the past couple of days. i'm completely full, but i'm contemplating eating the leftover popcorn i made last night. (i like it stale.) i should do something. like run or do sit ups or puke. just kidding.

i bought rem's automatic for the people album yesterday (as well as the new foo fighters). rem's album reminds me of spain because when we were in a pizza place in santiago they were playing the whole album. it made my day over there. but it sucks because i just bought these wonderful cds and then the cd player in my car goes and breaks last night while i'm leaving anita's house. ugh. and i can't find the manual to figure out what error 03 means to try to fix it. music is my world and it's going to bite the big one if i have to drive all the way up to brevard on friday with only the radio to listen to. i think i'd probably drive off a cliff. maybe i can get it fixed. i can go fuss at best buy cause the player's only 3 months old for crying out loud.

but other than feeling completely fatty and frustrated at my cd player, i'm in a fabulous mood.

i went to lunch today with mom and her teacher friends. and it reminded me of going out with the camp counselors because all they talked about was their students, and we counselors talk about our campers and camp all the flippin time. i got a kick out of it. then i pictured myself being a teacher in a few years and sitting around talking teacher talk. hm...we'll see.

it's time to do some cleaning. my room and the computer room are a complete mess. mostly because of all my crap. so...maybe i'll work on that.
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