May 03, 2003

the pops concert thursday night was great. funnest concert ever at erskine. my solo went well. (i sang "on my own" from les miserables...sung by eponine in the musical. if i were to play any musical character, it'd be her cause she rocks.) anyhoo, afterward, luke and i saw holes, with shia from the disney channel. really good movie. last night we rented almost famous, one of my favorite movies of all time.

today, i've gotta get on the ball again with my spanish paper. i figure i'll probably (hopefully) be able to finish it today. and i've gotta finish reading kaffir boy for world civ, which is also on the docket for hoy ("today"...every now and then i'll throw in a spanish word in my blogs so all of my blog fans will soon be bilingual. what a great scheme.) this afternoon, i have a date with the girls to see the lizzie mcguire movie in greenwood. oh, i can't wait. then, it's back here to do some more work.

well, kids, that's about all i got for now. i'll hit you up later.
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