May 31, 2003

fun times...i hung out with steph and syd at steph's house tonight. then i met heather at courtyard. we brought camino pictures to share. i'm so glad i got to hang out with heather before heading to brevard. she's one cool chick.

i really feel like playing my guitar. i think the coffeeshop atmosphere did it to me. that and i'm feeling inspired lately. i thought of some lyrics the other day that i really like, and it'd be cool to nail a tune down to em. i'm sorry i've neglected you, baby. when i get back from camp, i promise i'll get you restrung.

it's sad that i'm leaving on monday. it's hard to leave, but i know it'll be a blast once i'm there. i'm in the mood to reconnect with the folks here, and now i have to leave. but i'll get over it. i feel like i'm never in any one place for very long, except for school. i'm just not at home for long at a time. i'm always about to go someplace else. maybe that'll be what makes me stay in l-town next summer. we'll see.
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