April 23, 2003

mmm...cheese poofs are soooo good. i've discovered, however, that i like the imitation-brand stuff better than the actual cheetos brand. but i'll probably eat the whole bag anyway.

my cave's quite a mess. yesterday i was installing my scanner and digital camera software so that i could scan spidey's (koon's) camino pictures. there are boxes and discs and equipment scattered all in my cave. i should clean it up...eventually.

i was advised today. carlos is my new advisor. he thinks i can definitely do the spanish/english double-major. so i'm excited about that. i'm looking forward to the classes that i might potentially have next fall.

play round 3 tonight. last one, then we have to strike the stupid set. dang. at least i only have to go to an hour of spanish class tonight. and tomorrow's thursday. and after that it's friday. and then saturday. so it's all good.
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