April 27, 2003

last night i went to atlanta. i eventually found out that luke's flight arrived at 9:45. so i left erskine at 6:30 so i would have plenty of time. i was really confused when i got to the airport, but i eventually ended up in the atrium between the north and south terminals. i decided that was a pretty good place to wait. i called luke's parents, so they knew i was there. at 10pm, i decided to walk up and down the baggage claims on the north side, and, fortunately, i found luke and his parents quickly.

i ended up staying with the luke and his parents last night. they had a hotel for the night and got an extra cot. so, i didn't have to drive back at 1am. it was a good trip. i've never driven to atlanta by myself. so, that was fun times. road trip on my own. i listened to a lot of good music, starting with third day and ending with the beatles.

i think i'm going to do some work and then head to bed.
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