April 25, 2003

interesting night, tonight. steph and i were all gung-ho about taking our lofts apart and putting our mattresses on the floor for the remainder of the semester. (my parents are coming on thursday, and they'll take the loft pieces away.) and my dad said we would probably only need a couple of adjustable screwdrivers. terry was really nice and brought us some. thanks, terry!

justin's over, and we're all into taking the beds apart. we're nearly done with mine, when we realize that we need another kind of screwdriver because some of the bolts (?) are too far into the wood. (you can tell i'm a real tool expert, no?) so, we end up with the frame of my bed, laying on its side in the middle of the floor. and there's nothing else we can do about it for now, until we get more tools. this is kinda tough at 11pm. so...my mattress lies inside the frame, along with our swing and rolled up carpet. and we draped my tapestry over the frame to make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing. so, it kind of looks like i'm sleeping in a huge wooden cage or playpen. yeah. hopefully we'll get that fixed in the next few days.

also, i ordered picture prints offline (19 pics), and it was only $3.95 because they gave me 15 prints free for just signing up. and there's no catch. (i know someone else who uses the website for prints.) i'm excited about not having to take a cd to some photo-developing place. saves me some time and trouble. nice.

well, it's about time for bed. i plan on being productive tomorrow. adios.

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