April 28, 2003

i'm just sitting here, looking out the window, thinking about laying out, and listening to built to spill. and i'm thinking about how much i like built to spill. that'd be a new addition to the "bands i like" list. i also recently discovered how much i like cursive and hey mercedes. i've had the hey mercedes cd for about a year now, and i've always liked it. but, while i was driving to atlanta, i realized just how much i like it. i also like bright eyes quite a bit and i need to buy a hot, hot heat cd because i really like their song "no, not now", among others. and i'm currently obsessed with my new rosebud cd. i play something corparate's "konstantine" whenever i get the chance, and i could probably listen to it over and over again, along with feeling left out's "unspoken word".

"less talk, more dancing." - cursive
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