April 21, 2003

fog as thick as pea soup tonight. which reminds me of in the rescuers down under when they're eating at a restaurant that's in this chandalier (sp? who cares.) of a human-sized restaurant and someone orders pea soup, and the cricket cook or waiter or whatever is like "pea souuuuup!" good story, eh?

i chased the moon tonight. i thought my car was fast, but, alas, the moon was faster. i'll get you yet, moon.

just got back from studying hard at denny's. their coffee is disgusting, but i drank it anyway.

warning: weak of stomach and peta geeks, reading the following paragraph may result in a) vomitting or b) gasping and saying "how horrible! that bethy is such an animal hater", and assembling an angry mob to throw red paint on me while chanting "animals are people, too, you monster!"

i hit an oppossum (sp??) tonight. i tried to swerve, but didn't see it soon enough because of the crazy fog, and heard a little crunch or thump or smash on the driver's side of my escort. and i, being the morbidly curious fool that i am, 3 point turn it around to see if i killed the animal. i pull up to it, and it's wriggling its lower body (do oppossums have lower bodies?) around while dragging it's head on the asphalt in an attempt to pull itself out of the pool of blood. ew. gross. i drive on, deciding not to help it. (i might've helped it if it was a cat or dog. but oppossums are ugly.) after that, animals keep randomly darting out in front of my car. it was insane. i think they were terrorists of the woodlands, sent on suicide missions to attempt to give me a heart attack, killing me, and completing their mission. but i didn't hit any of them. it did keep me awake, though.

then i drove on, listening to cursive full-blast.

and i was thinking about what to blog. then i thought how strange it was that i was planning out a blog, like some kind of blog whore. i even thought of blogging those last few sentences. pitiful. just pitiful.
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