April 24, 2003

as for me i'm coming to my final failure. killed myself with changes trying to make things better. ended up becoming something other than what i had planned to be... (bright eyes)

every time the aim door opens, i quick alt + tab it over to the buddy list, just to see who it is. so dorky. and how.

weekend plans are yet to be determined. tomorrow night, actually, we may have a make-up softball game, but it's doubtfull that too many people will be around to play. this is erskine, after all. so, plans for friday night are pretty vague. saturday i need to work on my spanish project. luke's flying in that night, and i really want to go to the airport, but it's all the way in atlanta, and i have no idea what time his flight gets in, and i don't really know how to get there, as of yet. hm.

right now i should do work too. but all i really wanna do is be lazy. i think i can maybe afford another day of that, eh? maybe i'll read a little, to trick myself into believing that i've been productive.
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