March 03, 2003

jesse, boy, how come you hardly ever blog? i always go to your blog in hopes of reading something, anything...but there's never a new entry. it makes me quite sad. i know you must have something interesting to say, otherwise you wouldn't be my friend. i don't just hang out with lazy crap-for-crap people. so, blog already!

luke is coming in 4 days. it's going to rock.

feeling left out's playing in sumter on march 15. think i'll go.

got back from atlanta (southern conference on language teaching) this weekend. it was spectacular. we ate at a super-fancy brazilian restaurant which was basically a nice salad bar and all-you-can-eat red meat (they had 15 different cuts!). we spoke nothing but spanish at the table, which was cool, but difficult. unlike everyone else at dinner, i was the only one who hadn't spend a significant amount of time in a spanish country. ergo, although my comprehension is really good, my thoughts don't go fast enough for me to respond well. i talked some, but i was always really concerned with my verb tenses and articles and such. i can't wait to get to spain so that my conversation will improve.

michael and i helped carlos with the camino presentation. i really LOVE sharing my camino experience with those who are interested. it sounds stupid, but it's actually a sort of rush telling people about it. particularly those people who express an interest in walking it themselves. and talking about it helps me to relive parts of it that meant the most. carlos had me read a selection from my journal, which made me feel completely vulnerable, yet utterly comfortable. because eveyone was listening...they even applauded, which was kind of strange.

pues, voy a hacer mi tarea ahora...
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