March 16, 2003

decided to take a quick break and blog while i'm waiting for my spanish notes to print out. wow...i typed a lot of notes. but now all i have to do is spread them out and compare and contrast the different accounts of "la pérdida de España". you wanted to know that, you did. i did write my first paragraph, and it's pretty good. i figured it couldn't hurt to make good impression with the first paragraph. so, i tried my best. no comes the hard part. you can bullcrap the first paragraph, but if your content is bullcrap...uh oh.

so, anyhoo...the concert last night was much fun. we drove 3 hours to sumter to see feeling left out (yes, an emo band) last night. the band got lost, and we were pretty pissed that we drove that far to see some crappy high school emo band. then, flo showed up, and we were relieved. and they took our request for the song "spilled milk" at the end. and i got a t-shirt. yay! check out the pictures on audra's website.

today and tomorrow are going to be killer: spanish paper to finish and astronomy exam. ugh. rehearsal tonight and astronomy help session. then it's back to the proverbial grindstone...

i forgot how much i used to love this third eye blind cd...
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