February 13, 2003

our internet was down for about a day and a half. i know you all missed my muy interesante posts. perhaps not, but i sure missed my internet. what a nerd i am.

why does everything have to be going on the last weekend of this month? i already have 3 things i could potentially do, and i'm beginning to second think my choice.

1. tinkers punishment and jump, little children concert at the handlebar in greenville. obviously, this is the current plan. i think kit might come, too.

2. tigerbot hesh opening for switchfoot in columbia. sarabeth and tab are going, i think. as much as i'd love to see switchfoot, i'm going to see tigerbot this weekend, probably. i'll probably scratch this one.

3. language conference in atlanta with carlos. he's going to talk about the camino, and he suggested that a couple of us come with him. the perks here are that accomodations are paid for, and i'd get to skip classes on friday with an academic excuse. carlos says he knows of some good restaurants, too. i might consider this one.

but i know me, and i'll probably stick with number one. call me ms. predictable.
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