January 27, 2003

hello, all. i know you´re just dying to see me. (and if you aren´t, you should know that i am dying to see you.) still in santiago. we´re heading out of here around 10:30pm on an overnight bus for madrid. hm...goodnight´s sleep on a bus? doubtful. oh, well, i bought a magazine and i have a book to keep me company. i did so much shopping today, probably spent too much money. i still need to get some things in madrid. oh, and i´m so excited because i get to see luke! hear that, jesse and corey? i get to see luke and you don´t. sorry, i´ll try not to gloat. it´s been a little strange the past couple of days becaue we haven´t been walking. it´s been relaxing, but gets a little boring at times. i´m ready to be in madrid, though. we arrive in greenville-spartanburg airport at 9pm on wednesday night (hint, hint), in case you desperately need to see me (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). i can´t wait to be home in my own house! adios for now!
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