November 16, 2002's been a busy end of the week. luckily, it's friday, and i'll be heading to bed in just a few. i can't wait to sleep in. although, i'm going to try to be productive tomorrow, because i have tons of work for the next couple of weeks.

we had triathalon tonight. (in erskine college language, that means; pizza, bowling, and a movie.) it was pretty fun. quite exciting because we saw 8 mile, which is a movie i've been meaning to see for, oh, about a week now. harry potter came out today, but i'm waiting till i go home next weekend to see it with my mom. i bought two cds tonight: jimmy eat world's "clarity," which is just great, and tori amos' "scarlet's walk," which i'm listening to right now, and seems to be quite intriguing. i've been meaning to buy a tori amos cd, and what better time than when she's just put out a new cd?

well, it's just about time for me to hit the hay...
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