November 10, 2002

so that's it. no more little mary. i would say i miss it, but i don't yet. give me another day, then i probably will. it was lots of fun, and i enjoyed getting to know a lot of the girls, especially. i don't know yet if i'll be doing theatre stuff next semester or not, depends on how heavy my schedule is.

it was nice having the girls this weekend, but i felt like i didn't get to see them much because i had to do play stuff, and i wanted to hang out with people from the play, too. i was also torn because i was invited to the euphie ball last night, and had to say no to my oh-so-hot date because of the play. i was going to try to go after the play, but i stayed to help take down the set. it was frustrating and put me in a sour mood last night and for most of today. i'm sorry for everyone who experienced that. i was in the library for a while this afternoon, and i think it was good for me to just be by myself. i'm in a much better mood now, even though i haven't completed all of the objectives on my list. ah, well...there's always tomorrow.
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