November 28, 2002

well, happy thanksgiving, eveyone! tonight was much fun. we all went over to steph's house to hang out (where else?). chrl brought over cookies that she and clab had made. they were gingerbread cookies (but not really made out of gingerbread), and they were decorated to look like us girls. chrl and clab have a lot of extra time on their hands. more friends came over and we played a rousing game of pictionary, which steph, alan, and i were almost victorious in. then we chilled and watched some comedy central. all around good times.

i can't believe it's already the holidays. this semester has gone by so fast. i suppose time flies when you're having fun, but i really can't remember a lot of the stuff i did over this past semester. and just think, soon i'll be heading to spain. well, i'm going to get some sleep before thanksgiving really starts. adios.
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