November 18, 2002

it is quite a fandango that luke has no mango for me to tengo. jesse, if you dare, please don't swear, i'm quite austere. (gotta hold it down for the 803.)

the concert saturday was slammin, even with all of the middle schoolers swarming about. for once in my life, i felt cool, then i realized that i wasn't because i was surrounded by middle schoolers. my coolness was cancelled out. dang it. well, the concert was fun just the same. and i could identify nearly all of the pre-show songs.

my boys have a gig saturday, i'm so proud. i only wish i could be there, because i would pay much more than $5 for a show from my boys. much more. but i'll be having tons of fun too because i'll be home, watching harry potter with my mom. trust me, though, those boys can write some great songs. if you don't believe me, go see them in seneca saturday night (ask them for the deets. yes, i said "deets." it's because i think i'm cool.)

by the way, lukie, you need to put those other pics on your album.

right, so i'm off to read.

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