October 31, 2002

i had to make a whole new blog, but, clever me, i kept the great title. who knows, maybe one day i'll feel motivated to revive the poll. mayhap. being the slacker that i am, i've gotten myself into a pickle, and i have way too much crap to read before sunday. also, i have to do a lot of work in the technical department of little mary sunshine. (long story short, i'm in theathre practicum, and wasn't informed that i had to work on tech stuff until this week.) bleh. last night rehearsal lasted from 7-11. i wasn't about to stay after to work on the set. i had stuff to do. but i don't know when i'm going to get in my 10 hours of required time. ugh. i could do it on saturday, but my parents are coming for family day, and i can't just be like "you guys go wander around by yourselves while i slave away in this here theatre." oh, what a cunundrum (that's a great word, by the way).

luke, interesting story about your title. i guess mine's not as interesting cause it's just the title of a cure song. but a good one.

i'm not turning on im today so i can try to get stuff done. the problem is, i still have this darn contraption called the internet that i can't pull myself away from for a second. oh, well. back to work...

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